My Expertise

I believe humans are designed to be versatile beings. This means we are not just defined by our day job. We derive our awesomeness from our passions, our travels, our work, the causes we believe in and the community we give back to. Hence each year I work beyond work hours to ensure that cup of awesomeness overflows. While in 2017 my focus is to train for a triathlon and spend some time on a few upskilling holidays, I will also be dedicated to working with Trail Boutique, Let’s Be Outdoorsy and go deeper into understanding food forests with Pixie Dust Farms in Bandra and Urban Leaves Don Bosco.

This year 2017, I complete 10 years of being a writer, photographer, content strategist for companies in the media, travel and green industries. I’d like for you to reach me at diiptijhangiani@gmail.com