My Projects

Travel Journal

My Travel Journal will always be my 1st love. Dating back to 2006 when I started my solo journeys, this blog catalogs my memories, anecdotes, discoveries and fascinations while on the road. While human interaction has always been a love-hate relationship for me, the love and learnings from all the people during these journeys is what I treasures the most.  Celebrating 11 years of travel blogging this year, it feels surreal. I hope to pen down many more of my travel journal entries this year. I'd love to hear yours too. Let's meet over a cuppa and exchange travel stories.

Let's Be Outdoorsy

LBO is an online magazine for fitness sports and outdoor activities. It started with Diipti's quest to explore India's outdoors beyond the basics of trekking and running. Along the way, she discovered surf festivals, kayaking competitions, urban farming and a lot more for both the leisure heart and the thrill seeker alike. LBO now showcases these sports, activities and events, brands, inspiring stories and resources to get you going. So go out, get fit, Let's Be Outdoorsy.      


Edible Gardens

If I had to choose a line of work for the rest of my life this would be it. I am devoted to growing edible gardens and will be happy to help you build yours at your workplace or home. With over 3 years of learning and experience in urban farming I can help you design your home balcony, terrace or farm into a magical edible garden. I am currently exploring genres of indigenous planting, bio-mimicry, permaculture and a dream of creating  food forests around India. Do browse through my work and get in touch to set up your edible garden.